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The heart of the project is the adaptive reuse of the Rapid Electrotype building, a derelict industrial structure near downtown Cincinnati. The building will be programmed with new Live / Work units, which integrate space for production and fabrication into seventeen residential units.

An architecturally activated pedestrian ‘street’ links this reprogrammed structure to the dedicated Industrial Arts Center (IAC) buildings and light industrial suites. This street wraps around the Electrotype building, giving every unit a front door onto the newly created public loop or McMicken Avenue, thus injecting the site with life and connecting it to the city in a way that directly engages the community.

Pushing its way through the interior of block, this passageway of activity takes inspiration from Findley Market, a few blocks south of the site. Together, the two attractions form a circuit of urban activity through the neighborhood. Findley Market’s shopping and eating spaces are joined to the IAC’s living and working spaces to form a social and economic nucleus for the neighborhood.

Client: Over-the-Rhine Brewery District Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Program: Residential, Light Industrial

Proposed on December 21st, 2012